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Durgendra Suryawanshi

Phone: +91- 7773804953
Email: durgendrasuryawanshi82@gmail.com
Posted Art: 17

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My name is Durgendra Suryawanshi, I teach children drawing in an organization so that they too can achieve some milestone in their life and I am very happy to learn them.I live in Bilaspur, a small city in India, I lived there, I was very interested in drawing from my childhood and during school, I used to study in my life as well as I used to work slowly and kept working today. I want to become a great artist.But still I keep learning something from the nature and People nature, I have drawn mostly on my beauty in my life. I am always very harworking on my work and vission on making his paintings.I have made many pictures in my life, some have been sold and some are still with me. I have always dreamed of working in America but have never been able to do it because America is a very expensive country and cannot go there. But if he gets an opportunity, I will definitely go to work.I do most of the pencil work because I like pencil work very much. My best Drawing is of Cristiano Ronaldo, who is a great footballer.And I have made many pictures like Beauty of Nature, Captain Jacksparrow Jonny Dapp, Kathakali Folk Dance Drawing, Bridal Women, Rashmika Mandana, Doodle Art Work, Acrylic Painting Beggar, Under Water Boy, Muslim Women, Vision of Cat, Titanic Board, Work is underway on some projects that I have made, such as Tiger Drawing Roar, Mahatma Gandhi Chitra, Rajasthani Oldman, etc.In the times ahead, I will work very hard and I will achieve my status, which I have not been able to achieve till now, thanks to such and keep supporting me your love and warm wishes giving me , it gives me the strength to do something new creation of my art work.

Alien Planet

August 14, 2021
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Title - Alien Planet

Today I am sharing my doodle art, which I have worked very hard to make. I have worked very closely in this, it is an amazing NFTs. I have depicted the world of aliens in this design, which is amazing, I have taken many themes and the theme is completely art, which takes this design folk to the highest level, I hope you guys I will like it very much, I have put this design in rarible platform, from there you can buy it. Thanks

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