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André Priebs

Email: andre.priebs.trade@gmail.com
Posted Art: 108

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Meet HDRhunter, a digital artist and researcher of AI tools for creating art. HDR began his career as an artist with classical art and photographs, participating in various exhibitions. As HDRhunter delved deeper into the world of digital art, he became increasingly interested in the potential of AI tools to enhance and expand the creative process. As a result, HDRhunter began researching and experimenting with various AI technologies, incorporating them into his own work. Chasing the world. Collecting emotions.

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Art Portrait #BW05

November 11, 2021
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  • Featured Artist: André Priebs is a photographer and painter born in Germany in 1978. Currently located in South East Asia. Medium: Photographs + editing software with artificial intelligence Instead of claiming that erotic art is about sexual feelings or desires, one could say that erotic art elicits sexual feelings or desires. Since the beginning of civilization, humans have incorporated sexuality into erotic art, worship, and daily life. There have been cultures and times were explicit references to sexuality were more accepted by societal norms, and times when there have not. As sexual norms have changed through the course of the 20th century, we have begun to see the true nature of the past, and see that many past civilizations celebrated sexuality and genitalia in a way that would seem extreme today. File Specifications: Erotic Art File Type: JPG / Size: 2.73 MB / Image Size: 2250 x 3000 / Orientation: Vertical Location / Date: Cambodia, October 2021 *Please note that ownership of this NFT does not denote ownership of the commercial rights to the content within. Ownership of the commercial rights to the content within is to remain with the original creator/artist of said content. https://instagram.com/andrepriebs https://twitter.com/AndrePriebs https://www.facebook.com/BestNFTcreator

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