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About me :
Finger's Kingdom NFT Collection 👑🤚 Discover the enchanting Finger's Kingdom, where adorable & cool fingers reside in a magical realm, far from humans! 🧚‍♂️✨ 100% hand-drawn, these one-of-a-kind PFPs are not AI-generated 🎨❤️🌟 New Fingers drop weekly! 🎁 Monthly Airdrops for Holders 🎉 Suitable for all ages. 💪 Customize and...
About me :
I am a 53-year-old who has lived in North Texas his entire life. I am relatively new to NFTs but am learning as I go. I would love to connect with new people and become a larger part of the community.
About me :
About me :
In the dark corners of the YoungArtist art world lies a mysterious allure. With the strokes of Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, they create spooky stories that lure viewers into the twilight realm. Drawing from the mysterious depths of life and psychology, YoungArtist uses mysterious techniques that cast haunting...
About me :
HI! I want to support my girlfriend, so I made this account. She is a talented, but also a shy artist and a programmer. The money from the NFT should help her payments with the collage.
About me :
Weedbird Club is a 1/1 Pixelart collection on Polygon Blockchain
About me :
Pixel Artist
About me :
My name is Marina. I am a digital artist and nft creator. I draw in the style of realism, and also do 3D modeling. All my works are about the beauty of women and the aesthetics of the female body!
About me :
Loves to explore on many things, Especially an odd or weird things. Most of my artwork is about Self-Experiences, Social, and about the sense of LIFE from various POVs of several Individual Characters.
About me :
I made NFT with AI because i only have Android, if you like please support me by buying my NFT FYI I'm using lazy minting
About me :
my goal as a digital creator,my interest is to develop my creative ideas in art and make it an NFT
About me :
I'm a NFT creator using AI technology. 1 out of 1

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