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About me :
About me :
AI artist using ai assisted to create , minfull and chaotic artwork
About me :
Hi, I'm a sheep farmer, i NFT lover and creator. I have NFT project "Ovisiest NFT (Animal Sacrifice Donation)" Ovisiest is an NFT collection project that aims to contribute to communities in need through a Qurban (animal sacrifice) donation project. In the Ovisiest project, each sold NFT will contribute all...
About me :
Pictures tell stories. And humans are story tellers. So thats what I do with my pictures. Every moment is an inspiration to look closely.
About me :
Abstract and Conceptual Expressionism artist. Wellness and Personal Development Mentor. Creator of transformational programs - Metta
About me :
Digital creator who is using some pixels
About me :
Glitchartist from Italy
About me :
ATTENTION Living in the future needs some facilities that today is the time for providing. In the future we will live together in the metaverse. As a result, we will buy virtual landes to live on these platforms and think about building them. Metarooks is made up of programmers, architects,...
About me :
My name is noah am an artist base on hard surface modeling and also 2D and 3D NFT characters
About me :
Welcome to the Lost planet friction NFT page, where you can explore a universe of abundant planets filled with unique creatures and animals! Each planet is one of a kind and comes with its own set of graphics and animations that will take you on a journey of discovery and...
About me :
Let’s do this!
About me :
Exploring science through NFTs & storytelling. Making complex physics🧬, science🧪 & nature🍃 concepts accessible to anyone.

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