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NFT_ Enthusiast96

Gender: Male
Email: royalrush339@gmail.com
Posted Art: 61

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Passionate about digital art and NFTs. Sharing the latest news, trends, and opportunities in the NFT world. #NFT #cryptoart

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Basilisk's Fury

February 20, 2023
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Basilisk's Fury is a powerful summoner of creatures and master of serpents. Her skill in evocation is unparalleled, and she is able to call forth fearsome beasts to do her bidding in battle. She wears a suit of armor made from the scales of a basilisk, which provides her with both protection and a connection to the magical energies of the creatures she summons. She wields a staff that is topped with a crystal orb, which glows brightly whenever she channels her magic. When in combat, she is a force to be reckoned with, commanding her creatures with ease and striking fear into the hearts of her enemies. None can stand against the might of Basilisk's Fury and her army of serpentine creatures!


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