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Email: viajantes@mailfence.com
Posted Art: 17

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The House of Viajantes is an artistic design group that specialises in creating unique hand draw NFTs . Unlike other NFTs which are mass produced AI generated computer enhanced images, the NFTs at House of Viajantes are each a work of art as all are created painstakingly by our human artist team before being uploaded and digitised and then being minted as NFTs. This gives the NFTs created by House of Viajantes unique value as real hand made human art. In a world full of AI generated NFTs they stand out as being truly man made but this also provides provenience in the fact that the original sketches and mock ups of the NFTs are also available as back up proof of how these NFTs were created. When you purchase a NFT from House of Viajantes you are buying a work of art that is totally unique in its form, colour and design with verifiable proof of its creation process. When you purchase an NFT from House of Viajantes you also receive the provenience of its physical creation, and with any piece of original art the provenience is what gives its value. We look forward to welcoming you as clients of The House of Viajantes

Bearfoot Masters take on the classic painting THE SCREAM by Edvard Munch.

January 25, 2023
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Bearfoot Masters take on the classic painting THE SCREAM by Edvard Munch.

Each image is hand drawn over a two week period in pastels before being digitally remastered and presented as an NFT.

Here is Rosamund in her second, and truest, role, as a larger-than-life actress with the lung-power and pitch to crack church bells. She had such a good time, alternately screaming and then being convulsed with laughter, that I doubted if I could convincingly convey the mental agony portrayed by Munch, but I found the clue and was able to give it my best by imagining her in both roles, the screamer and the shadowy figure. Genuinely scary. Cheers Rosamund. P.M.

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