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Sidharta Surya Kusumah

Email: Sisukuss@gmail.com
Posted Art: 5

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Loves to explore on many things, Especially an odd or weird things. Most of my artwork is about Self-Experiences, Social, and about the sense of LIFE from various POVs of several Individual Characters.

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July 28, 2023
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Different heads have different thoughts,
why do you have to equate something?

There is no need to pursue similarities,
we are different and it becomes
a variety of uniqueness.

Have you ever imagined a show or a movies ;
the producer of the film published a doulogy
but the first and the second are all the same,
the script is the same, the storyline is the same,
even the actors and the scene's location are the same, everything is the same...
can you imagine how boring it is?

it would be nice if we were
able to appreciate the differences.
Don't be afraid of a difference !
Don't be afraid to be different !

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