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Ed Warick

Gender: Male
Email: edwarick@gmail.com
Posted Art: 22

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Canadian Digital and NFT artist! Professional artist since 2007 with my art in private collections in Canada, the United States and Internationally to Australia, Italy, Sweden and the United Kingdom. Buy with confidence!

Hello Fish - QR Code art image

August 15, 2021
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Have you been searching for truly unique interactive art? This is the art print image for you!

This is a limited edition of one (1) edition only.

What you will receive in the Private file is a High Resolution 300 dpi, image at 4200px X 3360px,  572 KB.

The preview image you see here has a watermark and is very low resolution.

To the owner of this NFT,  I will personally mail either a 8" X 10" OR 11" X 14" unframed photo print to you, please provide me you name and address upon purchase to edwarick@gmail.com.

More Info about me here      https://linktr.ee/ewarick

Thank you very much for looking at my art.


More Information about QR Codes:

This QR (quick response) code when scanned will display the message “Hello Fish” on your smartphone or tablet. You can download a free QR app reader for your device and simply scan the QR code art OR simply use your camera app. This beautiful message will show up on the screen instantly. I have personally tested each design during the creative process up until the design is complete with my smart phone and various different QR Code apps.

Every QR code I create is applied with simple color composition, design and a message. This is a revolutionary, one-of-a-kind piece of artwork. QR code art allows an interactive, cutting-edge way to make artwork truly come alive.

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