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Giselle Chan

Gender: Female
Email: gise.chan@hotmail.com
Posted Art: 4

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?Image and Sound Designer ?Audiovisual Artist ?XR Designer ?Director and Producer ?Editor ?Filmmaker

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Hit the road loop animation

August 7, 2021
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A psychedelic backwards trip loop.


A looped animated video, created in Touchdesigner using generative art technique. This means that the audio frequencies are translated into geometry shapes, colours and movements. So it digitally generates the visual of what you are listening to, in this case the instrumental music.

This visual is a backwards infinite trip, in a sci-fi universe, post-modern world, other planet, or in other galaxy.

Could be a ship in the water, a plane in the air, a flying vehicle or something the humanity hasn't discovered yet.

The perfect visual for you to relax.ย 

The perfect visual for you to get distracted.

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