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The Legend i64

Gender: Male
Email: tokyotravels69@gmail.com
Posted Art: 619

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Boston based Digital Artist, Social Media deviant, 6x Razer Streamer of the month, Ex H2 Pro, Escape From Tarkov Savant. Apex Co. Pixel Artist/ 5x Award winning Pixel Artist. **Satire Editor for Verified collection Cunning Foxes**

Hit this snipe for FAZE BANKS BABY! (viral) | Gaming Flashbacks 04 (08 sec) 1ST OF ITS KIND.

August 11, 2021
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Just a snipe i hit way back when in warzone but this edit went 100k+ viral on tiktok.
BUT AYO PEEP i always fcked with faze heavy and mad of my tiktok supporters wanted me to tryout for faze 5 ect ect but i was to busy getting into NFTS.
Banks from MA.
Banks - Gamer + degen.
i64 - GAMER + DEGEN.
We both gamers from boston (im from EB) who on twitch and fight alot tryna get it out the mud.
(sorry for the swears yall)

100% 1st of its kind.
Game: Warzone
Player: me
Audio: Yes Video: Yes Length: 8 seconds. Format: MP4 Viral? Yes - Tiktok

So i came from twitch / gaming scene about 8 months ago to NFTs fulltime. I was a halo 2 pro turned streamer for about 4 years. The last year of which was fulltime under the names SirBlicky/WokeUpFrench I also went by BenzDotExe / AyoBlicky / issaBenz- My fortnite creator code is/was - issabenz I am a 6x Razer streamer of the month. Was sponsered by repp sports/ Razer/ Streamlabs and a number of other companies. I had the 13th most watched brawlhalla channel on twitch for months. I have ALOT of accomplishments in gaming. Over 100k followers combined / Over 150M views combined. 30k followers just on tiktok lmao. Anyway just a lil background on my gaming history ect HMU on twitter to verify anything. I got all the analytics to back it all up. (Was also a Cyan Partner with CaffeineTV for a time) I created a number of viral videos on tiktok and IG with gaming clips and i will upload all of them. This has never been done so bare with me thank you guys ?? Im going to start with the oldest clips i can find and upload as many as possible. EVERY CLIP IS OF ME AND SOLEY OF ME. ALL FOOTAGE WAS TAKEN FROM TWITCH OR RECORDINGS FOR YOUTUBE. MOST CONTAIN MY VOICE AND SWEARS SO SORRY LMAO Im an innovator what can i say.

**Minted Tweet of timestamp proving im the 1st to ever do it - https://opensea.io/assets/0x495f947276749ce646f68ac8c248420045cb7b5e/84090148105582673504204778688342939520758547771185893432643426963110622134273 **

One comment on “Hit this snipe for FAZE BANKS BABY! (viral) | Gaming Flashbacks 04 (08 sec) 1ST OF ITS KIND.”

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