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Giselle Chan

Gender: Female
Email: gise.chan@hotmail.com
Posted Art: 4

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?Image and Sound Designer ?Audiovisual Artist ?XR Designer ?Director and Producer ?Editor ?Filmmaker

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Interstellar Ring

August 5, 2021
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This is the beginning of energy. The beginning of the material. The beginning of light.

An infinite circle, taking the shape of a ring, is continue completing itself. It illuminates the surrounds.

When will this ring stop? When will this ring entirely complete itself? Is this energy infinite?

The power of energy. It exists as long as the light does. The light is the ring. The ring is in every planet and every galaxy. This ring is interstellar.


This is the dilemma of energy, light and the existence.

This is the ring that gathers all the shining starts, all the light, all the energy from every existing place.

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