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David Feltner

Gender: Male
Posted Art: 207

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Emerging NFT artist spreading color through art. Exclusive and Unique NFTs from original artwork. Creator of the Goobers Universe.

Shooter I Goober 013/100

August 22, 2021
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Shooter I Goober is the fastest gun slinger in the West! His scar on his left eye is a trophy he acquired from trading blows with a Brown Bear. Tough as nails and as gritty as the desert sand, you'd best watch your back when Shooter is around.

His trusty sidearm, that he refers to as Sally, is sleek in design and brutal in function. In the hands of shooter, Sally unleashes 6 shots quicker than the dinner bell gets rang at 4. If you want to get to know Shooter it is best that you pull up a chair at the poker table and slide him an offering of whiskey. That's your best bet at breaking the ice. Don't try to cheat 'em at the poker table or you'll be facing the undertaker.

Shooter I Goober is 013/100 in the collectible series.

100 Unique and exclusive 1/1 collectible NFTs. Goobers are their own species that I created. The purpose of the 100 Goobers project is to foster community engagement and to provide a fun, exciting new collectible. I am always thinking of new and exciting ways to change each Goober. I want each one to have their own feel and story behind the character.

Numbers assigned in the Goober Name, e.g. Goober G Goober 001/100 reference the Collectible number in the series, not Rarity.

All Goobers have Primary Attributes, Special Items/Abilities/Traits/Attributes and Rarity levels.

Assigned Rarity Levels/Type -

001-060/Common 061-085/Uncommon 086-095/Rare 096-100/Legendary

At this stage in development we are launching the Goobers multiple times a month/week.

If you have questions or comments, please email: davidefeltner@hotmail.com. You can also send contact me, David Feltner III at (317) 712-7599.


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