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Allan Linder

Email: art@allanlinder.com
Posted Art: 34

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An award-winning artist with 25 yrs. of experience painting, drawing storyboards for film & TV, character design, NFT's, and animation.

Soul 4 Sale

August 18, 2021
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Soul 4 Sale, is number 2 in the DIVERGENT series. Ink on paper, digital paint and animation, original music score.


diverging; differing; deviating, having no finite limits.

Think of this place as a sand box of experimentations. Linder's digital artwork begins with a series of trial and error. Divergent is where they will be displayed, good and bad. These artworks are a series of B-sides or B-movies, Outtakes and Behind the Scenes. In the end, we'll call this a digital sketchbook.

Each piece is intricately designed, so you must look closely to see the nuances in the animation and the artwork.

Linder's work contains an inventory of more than 1000 paintings, thousands of drawings, pen and ink illustrations, digital art, sculpture, leatherwork, animatronics, film and more from 1979 to present.

"Collect while you can, this guy’s work is going straight up!" ~ NFT All Star

A high resolution version of this artwork is the unlockable content.

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