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Ovidiu Marius

Gender: Male
Email: enforcer69@gmail.com
Posted Art: 441

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IT and digital art passionate, I love creating interesting, intriguing or weird stuff

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Tenebrum Creature #2 - Dalweva

July 18, 2021
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When blockchain was created, a whole new universe was created, along with it's digital creatures, some good, beautiful, some evil, spooky or creepy. Some weird creatures are coming from time to time from the deep tenebres of Ethereum blockchain. They are very rare to see and even more rare to find and tame one. Legend say if you own one, you will be protected against all kinds of troubles and misfortunes. Dalweva mostly appear to solitary travellers on thre dawn and will try to enchant them to follow her on the unknown deeps where nobody know what happen to them. Her master will be protected against enchant spells. Unlockable content hold a link to download the high res picture of the creature.

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