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The Legend i64

Gender: Male
Email: tokyotravels69@gmail.com
Posted Art: 619

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Boston based Digital Artist, Social Media deviant, 6x Razer Streamer of the month, Ex H2 Pro, Escape From Tarkov Savant. Apex Co. Pixel Artist/ 5x Award winning Pixel Artist. **Satire Editor for Verified collection Cunning Foxes**

Thunder City Dreaming | Cunning Foxes Satire (SOLD)

August 22, 2021
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Some foxes eat rabbits...
Then some foxes dream bigger.
Some find ways to travel many many multiverses until they find what they foxing for.
In this fox case he wants strippers, cocaine, and depravity.
The dreamer of Thunder City.
The fox of thunder.

Owner - Callie

This is a Satire Collection approved by Cunning Foxes.
As far as i know im the ONLY official Cunning Fox edit collection as of right now.
I have had a ton of requests for customs from other members of the Fox Gang with permission from them I will also mint some of those, for those it will be noted in the info of that NFT.
If you want to commission your own fox piece contact me on twitter at @i64StudioNFTs / In cunning foxes Discord or Email me at NFTGODi6@gmail.com
I am a promoter with Cunning Foxes and a FOX GOD!!
This was a Metalaw idea i64 execution.
None of this would have happened without meta or cunning. Shoutout bros much love.
i had no part in the art of cunning foxes I'm just a OG fox paying homage

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